Review of 5th Backgammon Proficiency Test (from May 2015 to April 2016)

This is a review of our 5th “Backgammon Proficiency Test” conducted from May 2015 to April 2016.

Looking back upon the past year, we provided our 5th test with Masayuki “Mochy” Mochizuki and Michihito “Michy” Kageyama throughout the world, at JBL Ouisen Tournament, Chicago Open, the World Championship, Japan Open, Istanbul Open, Nordic Open and so on.

We had 114 testees over the past year, and we are deeply grateful to all of them for joining us. The average score was 23.4 (out of 50) increased by 2.4 points as compared with the former test. Also, the average errors (equity loss) was 3175 pulled down by 566. Those may show this test become slightly easier than the former one.
You can see the final result of the 5th test here.

Now, here is a top 10 list of the entire 5th test.

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 38 1151 Zdenek Zizka Czech
1 38 1194 Kanade Kubota Japan
1 38 1458 Falafel USAIsrael
1 38 1636 Thomas Tenland Sweden
5 37 1402 Jürgen Orlowski Germany
5 37 1473 Gerry Tansey USA
7 36 1152 Maik Stiebler Germany
7 36 1230 Paul Weaver USA
7 36 1811 Alain Babillon France
10 35 1272 Doug Mayfield USA
10 35 1430 Michael Nielsen Denmark
10 35 1432 Honza Cerny Czech
10 35 1497 Arda Fındıkoğlu Turkey
10 35 1644 Shigeru Fukazawa Japan

Based on the number of correct answers, Zdenek Zizka (Czech), Kanade Kubota (Japan), Falafel (USA/Israel) and Thomas Tenland (Sweden) tied for first place. In view of the total errors, Zdenek got the best among all of the testees. He is a promising young player and were actually elected to be a member of the team “World” in Nordic Open.
We’re greatly honored for a young talent like he to get interested in our test.

(Zdenek Zizka, Czech)

For your further interest, here is a histogram of the entire 5th test, showing the number of testees every two points in score.

Next, this is a scatter chart showing intersections of score and error for each testee.

Last, here is a pie chart, showing the breakdown of testees by nation. The total number of their nations was 25.

We renew our “Backgammon Proficiency Test” every May at JBL Ouisen Tournament in Japan.

See you again for our next test!! 🙂