6th Proficiency Test – Round 7 @ Team Denmark Study Camp

Steen Gronbech, the director of Nordic Open, had a study camp for the Team Denmark last Sunday and they challenged our 6th proficiency test as part of a plan for skill improvement.

They all are world’s leading veterans and are building the world’s most competitive team, so their result was extremely good.

Their scores are as follows:

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 39 1176 (Anonymous) Denmark
2 36 1484 (Anonymous) Denmark
3 34 1817 Michael Weile Denmark
4 27 1803 Jess Danielsen Denmark
5 25 2265 (Anonymous) Denmark
Total 5 Ave. 32.2 Ave. 1709

You can see the entire results of our 6th proficiency test as of now here. Please check it out.