10th Proficiency Test – Round 6 @ LAS Vegas Open

The Las Vegas Open was held from November 14 to 20, and the 10th Backgammon Proficiency Test was conducted on the morning of November 18. This is the second time in 11 years since the first test was held here.

Giant #1 Masayuki Mochizuki, a.k.a. Mochy, administered the test and 9 players took it, joined by Giants #14 Steve Sax. The following day, Steve gave a lecture on reviewing for the test takers.

The results for the 10 participants are as follows. As expected, Steve Sax did very well. His score puts him in second place overall at this time. Overall scores can be found here.

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 41 679 Steve Sax USA
2 28 3292 D. K. USA
3 22 3442 Julius High USA
4 20 3353 Mark Danburg-Wyld USA
5 19 4671 J. G. R. Canada
5 19 5000 B. O.
7 16 5342 John Banks USA
8 14 4576 Marianne Bowen
9 13 4886 L. L. USA
9 13 5073 Al Piran Canada
Total 10 Ave. 20.5 Ave. 4031

Thanks to everyone who took the test in Las Vegas, and thanks to Steve for the lecture. We are very happy to announce that the total number of participants for the 10th test exceeded 100. Thanks to all of you for your support!