(Announcement) 6th Proficiency Test – Round 8 @ JBL Backgammon Festival 2016

The long-awaited JBL Backgammon Festival is just around the corner!

We will be holding our 6th proficiency test this coming 8th of October, the very first day of it. We are looking forward to having you.

The test is supervised by Masayuki “Mochy” Mochizuki (#1 Giant 2015-2016) and Michihito “Michy” Kageyama (#2 Giant 2015-2016) that we can certainly recommend with confidence.
(Details at https://blog.backgammonexam.com/en/about/)

So far, the 6th version of our test has been hold at JBL Ouisen (Japan), Capital Classic Championships (US), Chicago Open (US), World Championship (Monaco), Šibenik Backgammon Open (Croatia) and so on. There are already more than 100 players who have participated in it.
Currently, Falafel ranks first among all of them. We are looking for new challengers!!

It is scheduled as follows:

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Saturday, October 8
Backgammon Proficiency Test – Test Given

FYI, we provide a guide for an estimation of an approximate backgammon skill level as follows. Of course, it varies among players, please use just as a reference.

  • More than 45 correct answers … World champion class
  • More than 40 correct answers … National champion class
  • More than 35 correct answers … Local champion class
  • More than 30 correct answers … Advanced class
  • More than 20 correct answers … Intermediate class