6th Proficiency Test – Round 6 @ Šibenik BG Open 2016

At Šibenik Backgammon Open 2016, Masayuki “Mochy” Mochizuki (Giants #1 2015-2016) presented our 6th “Backgammon Proficiency Test” on Friday, September 2.

From September 2 to 4, Mislav Kovacic hosted his local backgammon event at Šibenik and had invited Mochy to join it. Thus, the first-time backgammon proficiency test in Croatia came true.

Twenty players enjoyed to challenge our test. Thank you so much! ;)

Mislav is the host of Šibenik Backgammon Open and is the leading player himself. Actually, he played Mochy in the final round of the championship. In this proficiency test, he got 36 points (out of 50) and took the first place among all of the testees.

All of the testee’s scores are as below:

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 36 1445 Mislav Kovacic Croatia
2 30 2315 Pavel Zaoral Czech
3 29 1986 Eva Zizkova Czech
4 27 1916 Damjan Plesec Slovenia
4 27 2170 Gabriel Cutencu Romania
6 26 2065 Peter Hasselberg Germany
6 26 2472 Honza Cerny Czech
8 24 2240 Bogidar Iliev Bulgaria
8 24 2876 D. C. UK
10 21 2695 Daniel Kocsis Hungary
10 21 3164 Martin Zizka Czech
10 21 3845 Alma Pasic Bosnia and Herzegowina
13 20 3205 M. R. Germany
14 19 3031 Martin Filipi Czech
15 18 3013 Katalin Veszeli Hungary
16 17 3380 Istvan Eger Hungary
16 17 3803 Drazenko Vucina Bosnia and Herzegowina
18 16 3311 Lukas Jankovsky Czech
19 15 4971 Muhamed Pasic Bosnia and Herzegowina
20 12 4492 V. C. Czech
Total 20 Ave. 22.3 Ave. 2920

Thank you again for joining us! :)

第6回バックギャモン検定 – ラウンド5 @ U25合宿


今回の受検者は 4名でした。

前回の第5回検定では全体で第一位になったチェコの Zdenek Zizka も合宿に参加し、第6回検定の初受験となりました。残念ながら今回も一位とはならなかったものの、35点(50点満点)という高得点を叩き出しました。若手プレイヤーながら、その実力は本物です!



Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 35 1632 Zdenek Zizka Czech
2 31 1898 K. M. Japan
3 28 2432 Nakamura Yuri Japan
4 14 4102 Shouta Kuroda Japan
Total 4 Ave. 27.0 Ave. 2516


(ANNOUNCEMENT) 6th Backgammon Proficiency Test at Šibenik BG Open 2016

We are delighted to announce that Mochy will be presenting the 6th Backgammon Proficiency Test at 3rd Šibenik Backgammon Open 2016 starting at 2:00 pm on Friday, September 2nd.
The test is designed to measure your skill by solving 50 insightful and frequently occurring positions. It is administered all over the world and all solvers are ranked worldwide. You can also choose to solve it anonymously.

If you wish to participate you MUST register by contacting them through Facebook or e-mail.

Price of the test is only 100 HRK (14 euros), however first 15 people who sign-up for the test can solve it for free!
Falafel has the best score so far (40/50), can you beat him?

6th Proficiency Test – Round 4 @ 41st World Championship

Masayuki “Mochy” Mochizuki (Giants #1 2015-2016) presented our 6th “Backgammon Proficiency Test” on Thursday, July 28th – the third day of the 41st Backgammon World Championship, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

That was the third year our test had been held there. The previous articles are here:

Twenty-two players took time to challenge it, and Mochy gave them the in-depth lecture with review of the answers on the next day.

The results were really high-level, and Falafel (USA, Giants #4) got the top score with 40 points (out of 50), followed by Steen Gronbech (Denmark, Giants #14). Currently, Falafel stands in first place in terms of the number of right answers among all of the testees.


Furthermore, one of our testees, Jorgen Granstedt (Sweden) won the 41st Backgammon World Championship and got THREE time World Champion! Congratulations!!
It is a great honor for us that the greatest world champion took time to sit our test this time.

All of their scores are as below, and a list of overall results of our 6th test as of now is here.

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 40 835 Falafel USA
2 37 1040 Steen Gronbech Denmark
3 35 1224 Jorgen Granstedt Sweden
4 34 1348 Jacek Wojciechowski Poland
4 34 1644 Martin Birkhahn Germany
6 33 1587 Alain Babillon France
7 31 1787 Benjamin Lund Denmark
8 30 2166 M. P. Germany
9 29 1582 Doug Mayfield USA
9 29 1815 (Anonymous) USA
11 28 2005 G. G. Switzerland
12 26 2317 Filomila Karantzali Greece
12 26 2432 Romolo Mudu UK
14 25 3201 Max Mowzoon USA
15 24 1941 Cihangir Cetinel Turkey
16 23 2643 (Anonymous) UK
17 20 2898 (Anonymous) USA
18 19 3148 Cecilia Sparke UK
18 19 3638 Vaibhav Saxena India
20 16 3638 Eliot Tawil USA
21 14 3548 Jean-Marc Trousson France
22 12 4551 (Anonymous)
Total 22 Ave. 26.5 Ave. 2318

Thank you again for joining us! :)

(Announcement) 6th Proficiency Test – Round 4 @ 41st World Championship

We are happy to announce that Masayuki “Mochy” Mochizuki (#1 Giant of Backgammon 2015-2016) will be presenting the 6th backgammon proficiency test starting at 12:00 pm on Thursday, July 28th – the third day of the 41st Backgammon World Championship.

It is scheduled as follows:

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, Thursday, July 28th
Backgammon Proficiency Exam – Exam Given

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, Friday, July 29th
Backgammon Proficiency Exam – Lecture & Review

As you know, the Backgammon World Championship is one of the most famous and prestigious backgammon events in the world, and it is scheduled to be held from Tuesday, July 26th through Sunday, July 31st at the Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
(Details at https://www.bwcmc.com/schedule.php)

Fifty high-quality and well-balanced questions are supervised by Mochy and Michihito “Michy” Kageyama (#2 Giant 2015-2016) for the test. Thus, it is a worthy challenge for players at the intermediate and advanced levels.
(Details at http://blog.backgammonexam.com/en/about/)

Until now, the 6th version of our test has been hold only at Ouisen (Tokyo, Japan), Chicago Open (Chicago, US) and Capital Classic Championships (Washington, US). So, it will be the first time for most of European players to see it.

By the way, we provide a guide for an estimation of an approximate backgammon skill level as follows. Of course, it varies among players, please use just as a reference.

  • More than 45 correct answers … World champion class
  • More than 40 correct answers … National champion class
  • More than 35 correct answers … Local champion class
  • More than 30 correct answers … Advanced class
  • More than 20 correct answers … Intermediate class

You too, by all means please do challenge yourself to it.

6th Proficiency Test – Round 3 @ 36th Chicago Open

Last Sunday, Masayuki “Mochy” Mochizuki (Giants #1 2015-2016) presented our 6th “Backgammon Proficiency Test” during the 36th Chicago Open Backgammon Tournament. That was the third consecutive time for us to conduct our test there.

The previous articles are here:

It was a great success this year too, and no less than 30 players participated in it. We are very glad to have so many players there every year.

According to the result, Dennis Culpepper and Mr. X tied for first with top scores of 35 out of 50 correct answers.

All of their scores are as below, and a list of overall results of our 6th test up to now is here.

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 35 1207 (Anonymous) USA
1 35 1840 Dennis Culpepper USA
3 32 2161 Steve Brown USA
4 29 2244 Claudio Ranieri
5 28 1642 Albert Steg USA
5 28 1762 Phil Simborg USA
5 28 2146 Nick Blasier USA
8 26 2203 Frank Talbot USA
8 26 2329 Charles Haley USA
10 25 2461 John Craig Anderson South Africa
11 24 2418 Jeb Horton USA
11 24 2669 G. A. USA
11 24 2777 Steve Hairgrove USA
14 23 2374 Mike Clapsadle USA
14 23 2767 Chuck Bower USA
14 23 2769 Narvey Goldman Canada
17 22 2753 D. D. USA
17 22 2969 Steve Blanchard USA
19 21 3013 Eric Hiner USA
19 21 3013 Danny Frangiadakis USA
21 20 2893 B. S. USA
22 19 3022 Samuel Orandle USA
23 18 3622 J. S. USA
23 18 4245 Tatsuko Mochizuki Japan
25 16 3875 Lorina Quartarone USA
26 15 3826 D. O. USA
26 15 4437 Old Bill Ireland
28 14 4993 (Anonymous) USA
29 13 4362 (Anonymous) USA
30 10 4803 John Baron USA
Total 30 Ave. 22.6 Ave. 2920

Thank you again for joining us! :)

6th Proficiency Test – Round 2 @ Capital Classic Championships 2016

Michihito “Michy” Kageyama (Giants #2 2015-2016) presented our 6th Backgammon Proficiency Test on Saturday, May 21st, the second day of the Capital Classic Championships 2016, Washington.

As we all know, Michy is a highly respected player, and was elected for the second rank in the “Giant of Backgammon 2015-2016”. He has been one of our test writers since two years ago.

This was the first time our test was held in Washington, and we are very happy that we could get a chance to let more players join us.

Nine studious players (including two Giants) participated in it. On the next day Michy gave them a lecture with a lively discussion.

Based on the number of correct answers, John O’Hagan (#22 Giant 2015-2016) and John Klein tied for first place with 39 points (out of 50). Ray Fogerlund (#23 Giant 2015-2016) also got high scores.

(John Klein, Michy and John O’Hagan)

Their scores are as below.

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 39 890 John O’Hagan USA
1 39 1134 John Klein USA
3 34 2270 Ray Fogerlund USA
4 25 2229 Bill Finneran USA
5 22 2814 Julius High USA
5 22 3215 Larry Brown USA
7 20 3032 Michael Vallicre USA
8 17 4192 A. H. USA
9 12 4911 L. D. USA
Total 9 Ave. 25.6 Ave. 2743

Thank you for joining us! :)
We hope we can hold our next test there.

6th Backgammon Proficiency Test has started!

The season of the 5th “Backgammon Proficiency Test” ended at the Nordic Open 2016 last April, a brand-new season of the 6th test has just started at the JBL Ouisen Tournament early in May.

Our proficiency test, which renews every May, started from May 2011. It is gradually known worldwide as a “world standard” backgammon test for the past five years.

We have more than 100 testees every year, and we had 114 players in the past year. This year we step up our efforts to have even more testees.

On Thursday, 5th May, our 6th test was held during the third day of the JBL Ouisen Tournament 2016. Fifteen players took it, and a special room for our test became practically full.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of the testees. They made us get off to a hot start!

The results of the first round at the Ouisen Tournament 2016, is as follows.

順位 正答数 エラー合計 氏名
1 34 1265 Shigeru Fukazawa Japan
2 26 1907 K. O. Japan
2 26 2438 N. K. Japan
2 26 2630 Hiromichi Sugimoto Japan
2 26 2680 Shinya Kimura Japan
6 24 2587 Masaaki Isobe Japan
7 23 2504 K. S. Japan
8 22 2854 J. K. Japan
8 22 2913 Ryutaro Ozawa Japan
10 21 2533 Keita Morina Japan
10 21 2540 Hiroyuki Kawakami Japan
12 20 3069 Y. O. Japan
13 18 3332 T. S. Japan
13 18 3997 Takashi Otani Japan
15 17 2907 Naoki Chiba Japan
合計 15人 平均 22.9 平均 2677

Shigeru Fukasawa currently got first place, who had ranked in the 10th place in the former test. He is a regular testee, and earns over 30 points in each test showing his ability.

From now on, the 6th test is scheduled to be held at the 4th Capital Classic Championships (Washington, U.S.) on 21st May, followed by the 36th Chicago Open Backgammon Tournament (Chicago, U.S.) on 29th May.

Review of 5th Backgammon Proficiency Test (from May 2015 to April 2016)

This is a review of our 5th “Backgammon Proficiency Test” conducted from May 2015 to April 2016.

Looking back upon the past year, we provided our 5th test with Masayuki “Mochy” Mochizuki and Michihito “Michy” Kageyama throughout the world, at JBL Ouisen Tournament, Chicago Open, the World Championship, Japan Open, Istanbul Open, Nordic Open and so on.

We had 114 testees over the past year, and we are deeply grateful to all of them for joining us. The average score was 23.4 (out of 50) increased by 2.4 points as compared with the former test. Also, the average errors (equity loss) was 3175 pulled down by 566. Those may show this test become slightly easier than the former one.
You can see the final result of the 5th test here.

Now, here is a top 10 list of the entire 5th test.

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 38 1151 Zdenek Zizka Czech
1 38 1194 Kanade Kubota Japan
1 38 1458 Falafel USAIsrael
1 38 1636 Thomas Tenland Sweden
5 37 1402 Jürgen Orlowski Germany
5 37 1473 Gerry Tansey USA
7 36 1152 Maik Stiebler Germany
7 36 1230 Paul Weaver USA
7 36 1811 Alain Babillon France
10 35 1272 Doug Mayfield USA
10 35 1430 Michael Nielsen Denmark
10 35 1432 Honza Cerny Czech
10 35 1497 Arda Fındıkoğlu Turkey
10 35 1644 Shigeru Fukazawa Japan

Based on the number of correct answers, Zdenek Zizka (Czech), Kanade Kubota (Japan), Falafel (USA/Israel) and Thomas Tenland (Sweden) tied for first place. In view of the total errors, Zdenek got the best among all of the testees. He is a promising young player and were actually elected to be a member of the team “World” in Nordic Open.
We’re greatly honored for a young talent like he to get interested in our test.

(Zdenek Zizka, Czech)

For your further interest, here is a histogram of the entire 5th test, showing the number of testees every two points in score.

Next, this is a scatter chart showing intersections of score and error for each testee.

Last, here is a pie chart, showing the breakdown of testees by nation. The total number of their nations was 25.

We renew our “Backgammon Proficiency Test” every May at JBL Ouisen Tournament in Japan.

See you again for our next test!! :)

(Announcement) 6th Proficiency Test Starts @ Ouisen Tournament 2016

王位戦と言えば・・・そう、「バックギャモン検定」ですよね! :D



日本発の「バックギャモン検定」は日本国内に留まらず、世界選手権(モナコ)、Nordic Open (デンマーク)、Texas Backgammon Championships (アメリカ)、Istanbul Open (トルコ)などの世界有数の大会でも開催を重ね、著名なプレイヤーも多数参加する一大イベントになっています。



問題作成チームは、世界ランキング トップクラスのプレイヤーである望月正行プロ・景山充人プロ、そして昨年度より永井一矢氏にもご協力いただき、世界最高峰の問題を用意いたしました。しかしながら決して、奇問・難問を集めたわけではありません。バックギャモンに勝つための知識が問われる問題をできるだけ多く提供できるよう心掛けております。


【第6回 バックギャモン検定】

対象: 中~上級者向け
日時: 5/5(木・祝) 10:15 ~ 11:15(10:00 受付締切)
場所: 王位戦会場 (文京シビックセンター)3階 会議室C(予定)
形式: 60分 選択式50問
受検料: 3,000円 (※問題・解説冊子、成績証が含まれます)


  • 成績が試験終了後に公表され(匿名も可能)、世界中のプレイヤーと競い合うことができます。
  • 合否はありません。
  • 招待選手として、ギャモンジャイアント2015-2016 の #32以内に選ばれたプレイヤーは無料で受検することができます。



  • 45問以上正解 ・・・ 世界チャンピオンクラス
  • 40問以上正解 ・・・ 日本チャンピオンクラス
  • 35問以上正解 ・・・ 地方代表クラス
  • 30問以上正解 ・・・ 上級クラス
  • 20問以上正解 ・・・ 中級クラス

こちらは、「中上級者向けの『バックギャモン検定』は難しすぎる」という初級者の声を受けて設立された検定試験で、初級者を対象として、初級を卒業できるレベルに達しているかどうかを合否判定するためのテストです。「バックギャモン入門」 の内容がしっかりと理解できている人であれば合格できるようなレベルを想定しています。基本用語や簡単な確率計算、「当てる」「作る」「逃げる」といった基本テクニックに関する問題など、幅広い知識が問われます。ただし、キューブの問題は出題されません。



【第4回 バックギャモン初級検定】

対象: 初級者向け
日時: 5/5(木・祝) 10:15 ~ 10:45(10:00 受付締切)
場所: 王位戦会場 (文京シビックセンター)3階 会議室C(予定)
形式: 30分 選択式25問
受検料: 1,500円 (※問題・解説冊子、成績証が含まれます)


  • 25問中18問以上正解で合格認定となります。
  • 「バックギャモン入門」 の内容がしっかりと理解できている人であれば合格できるようなレベルを想定しています。
  • 昨年10月のバックギャモンフェスティバルでの問題と同じものとなります。同じ検定を二度受検することはできませんのでご注意ください。