BGTV Proficiency Contest in Istanbul Open 2020

On Saturday, January 18th, the 9th Backgammon Proficiency Test was held at the Istanbul Open, Turkey. This test has been held here for eight consecutive years and is known as the “BGTV Proficiency Contest”.

This time, 24 players, the most so far, have taken the test. Thanks to the players of the Istanbul Open, the total number of participants has reached 150 in the eight years since the second test. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the players and staff who joined.

Prizes will be awarded to the top performers from the tournament organizer, and the top performer this year was Sabri Büyüksoy, who has taken the test six times so far. In addition to Sabri, Turks such as Berkant Bilgi and Zafer Taş topped the list.

All of their scores are as below:

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 32 2874 Sabri Büyüksoy Turkey
2 27 3174 Berkant Bilgi Turkey
3 25 2816 Zafer Taş Turkey
4 22 3534 Martin Barkwill UK
5 21 4329 Cumhur Bektüre Turkey
6 20 4532 Jeremy Sherr
6 20 4766 (Anonymous) Turkey
8 19 3880 Nihat Özkurt Turkey
9 18 3873 Aytug Yiğit Turkey
9 18 4743 Gülderen Gücavlı Turkey
9 18 5436 (Anonymous) Turkey
12 17 5351 Naciye Aydın Turkey
13 16 4709 Hirofumi Kawaguchi Japan
13 16 4848 Ömer Aykut Sorgüven Turkey
13 16 5809 (Anonymous) Turkey
16 15 4576 Yücel Özkan Turkey
16 15 5047 Cesur Kaya Turkey
16 15 5236 Kerim Güneyman Turkey
16 15 6086 Mahmoud Taha Austria
20 14 4773 (Anonymous) Lebanon
21 13 4843 P. G. Turkey
21 13 5244 T. K. Turkey
21 13 5793 Fady Asmar Lebanon
24 10 8270 (Anonymous) Turkey
Total 24 Ave. 17.8 Ave. 4773

You can see the list of overall results as of now here.
Thank you for joining us! :)

As usual, Arda Fındıkoğlu, who is the host of the Istanbul Open and the president of WBF Turkey, Cüneyt Argun Genç and his staff helped us prepare and run the test, which was really helpful. Thank you as always!


(Updated January 29th, 2020)
Arda Fındıkoğlu, Cüneyt Argun Genç and Gökhan Güneş, our dear friends and staff of the Istanbul Open, took the same test as the Istanbul Open 2020. Their results are now published as official tally, since they closely monitored each other to prevent cheating.

We thank all those who cooperated in the “BGTV Proficiency Contest” !! ;)

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