BGTV Proficiency Contest in Istanbul Open 2018

The 7th round of our 7th “Backgammon Proficiency Test” was held as “BGTV Proficiency Contest” on Saturday, January 13th, the middle day of the Istanbul Open 2018.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t join it, but the test was supervised by our Turkish friends, Arda Fındıkoğlu (the host of the Istanbul Open and the president of WBF Turkey) and Cüneyt Argun Genç. They carried that out smoothly and all went well. They always cooperate with us, so we are really grateful to them.

Well, that was the sixth consecutive time our test was carried out there.
This year, 19 participants with various levels from various countries challenged it.

The result says that Jalil Khalili (Iran) answered 30 problems correctly (out of 50) and was ranked first among them, although he was ranked second last year. Claus Elken (Denmark) got second place at the contest, and then he got second place at the main championship. Martin Barkwill (UK) was ranked third, although he got the highest last year. Onur Vurur got the top score among the Turks this year.

Here are the details of this round.

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 30 2300 Jalil Khalili Iran
2 28 2245 Claus Elken Denmark
3 27 2520 Martin Barkwill UK
3 27 3252 Onur Vurur Turkey
5 24 3662 Abdullah Sorgüven Turkey
6 22 4010 Burhan Cumhur Bektüre Turkey
7 20 3432 Tuğrul Sezgin Turkey
7 20 3510 O. P. Germany
9 19 4479 Fady Asmar Lebanon
9 19 4521 Fuat Hakan Uncuoğlu Turkey
11 17 4336 Hakan Aksu Turkey
11 17 4530 Cynthia Roberts UK
11 17 4609 Mustafa Dikgöz Turkey
11 17 5269 Alparslan Göktay Turkey
15 16 5459 Göksel Kılınç Turkey
16 15 4254 Refik Vural Turkey
17 14 4196 Ender Can Avcioğlu Turkey
18 13 4713 T. B. Turkey
19 12 4715 Kemal Aksu Turkey
Total 19 Ave. 19.7 Ave. 4001

It was unfortunate that I couldn’t go there this year, but I am happy that many people joined it.


(Updated Saturday, January 27th)
Arda Fındıkoğlu, Cüneyt Argun Genç and Gökhan Güneş have challenged the same test after the Istanbul Open 2018. They said that they strictly monitored each other to play fair, so we decided to list up their scores on our official results just as before.

Arda’s score was so good as in the past, while Cüneyt and Gökhan didn’t do better than last year.

We really appreciate their cooperation during “BGTV Proficiency Contest”.
Thank you again! ;)

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