6th Proficiency Test – Round 2 @ Capital Classic Championships 2016

Michihito “Michy” Kageyama (Giants #2 2015-2016) presented our 6th Backgammon Proficiency Test on Saturday, May 21st, the second day of the Capital Classic Championships 2016, Washington.

As we all know, Michy is a highly respected player, and was elected for the second rank in the “Giant of Backgammon 2015-2016”. He has been one of our test writers since two years ago.

This was the first time our test was held in Washington, and we are very happy that we could get a chance to let more players join us.

Nine studious players (including two Giants) participated in it. On the next day Michy gave them a lecture with a lively discussion.

Based on the number of correct answers, John O’Hagan (#22 Giant 2015-2016) and John Klein tied for first place with 39 points (out of 50). Ray Fogerlund (#23 Giant 2015-2016) also got high scores.

(John Klein, Michy and John O’Hagan)

Their scores are as below.

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 39 890 John O’Hagan USA
1 39 1134 John Klein USA
3 34 2270 Ray Fogerlund USA
4 25 2229 Bill Finneran USA
5 22 2814 Julius High USA
5 22 3215 Larry Brown USA
7 20 3032 Michael Vallicre USA
8 17 4192 A. H. USA
9 12 4911 L. D. USA
Total 9 Ave. 25.6 Ave. 2743

Thank you for joining us! :)
We hope we can hold our next test there.

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