6th Backgammon Proficiency Test has started!

The season of the 5th “Backgammon Proficiency Test” ended at the Nordic Open 2016 last April, a brand-new season of the 6th test has just started at the JBL Ouisen Tournament early in May.

Our proficiency test, which renews every May, started from May 2011. It is gradually known worldwide as a “world standard” backgammon test for the past five years.

We have more than 100 testees every year, and we had 114 players in the past year. This year we step up our efforts to have even more testees.

On Thursday, 5th May, our 6th test was held during the third day of the JBL Ouisen Tournament 2016. Fifteen players took it, and a special room for our test became practically full.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of the testees. They made us get off to a hot start!

The results of the first round at the Ouisen Tournament 2016, is as follows.

順位 正答数 エラー合計 氏名
1 34 1265 Shigeru Fukazawa Japan
2 26 1907 K. O. Japan
2 26 2438 N. K. Japan
2 26 2630 Hiromichi Sugimoto Japan
2 26 2680 Shinya Kimura Japan
6 24 2587 Masaaki Isobe Japan
7 23 2504 K. S. Japan
8 22 2854 J. K. Japan
8 22 2913 Ryutaro Ozawa Japan
10 21 2533 Keita Morina Japan
10 21 2540 Hiroyuki Kawakami Japan
12 20 3069 Y. O. Japan
13 18 3332 T. S. Japan
13 18 3997 Takashi Otani Japan
15 17 2907 Naoki Chiba Japan
合計 15人 平均 22.9 平均 2677

Shigeru Fukasawa currently got first place, who had ranked in the 10th place in the former test. He is a regular testee, and earns over 30 points in each test showing his ability.

From now on, the 6th test is scheduled to be held at the 4th Capital Classic Championships (Washington, U.S.) on 21st May, followed by the 36th Chicago Open Backgammon Tournament (Chicago, U.S.) on 29th May.

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