(Announcement) 7th Proficiency Test – Round 3 @ 42nd World Championship

Now, it’s time to take the very new backgammon proficiency exam!
Masayuki “Mochy” Mochizuki (#1 Giant of Backgammon 2015-2016) will present our 7th “Backgammon Proficiency Exam” starting at 12:00 pm on Thursday, August 3rd in the 42nd Backgammon World Championship. On the following day, Mochy will give a lecture and review for you.

It is scheduled as follows:

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, Thursday, August 3rd (Grand Prix A)
Backgammon Proficiency Exam – Exam Given

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, Friday, August 4th (Grand Prix B)
Backgammon Proficiency Exam – Lecture & Review

(Details at https://www.bwcmc.com/schedule.php)

This is the fourth consecutive year that it has been held, and it is becoming increasingly popular especially among intermediate and advanced-level players. Over fifty player (including Falafel, Jorgen Granstedt, Steen Gronbech, etc) have already challenged it so far.

The results so far are here:

As for details of the test, fifty high-quality and well-balanced questions are supervised by Mochy and Michihito “Michy” Kageyama (#2 Giant 2015-2016). Thus, it is a worthy challenge for players at the intermediate and advanced levels.
(Details at http://blog.backgammonexam.com/en/about/)

By the way, we provide a guide for an estimation of an approximate backgammon skill level as follows. Of course, it varies among players, please use just as a reference.

  • More than 45 correct answers … World champion class
  • More than 40 correct answers … National champion class
  • More than 35 correct answers … Local champion class
  • More than 30 correct answers … Advanced class
  • More than 20 correct answers … Intermediate class

We are looking forward to many players taking this opportunity to attend.
We hope you won’t miss it.

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