BGTV Proficiency Contest in Istanbul Open 2017

On 14th January, the second day of Istanbul Open 2017, our 6th Backgammon Proficiency Test was held as “BGTV Proficiency Contest”.

Arda Fındıkoğlu, the host of the event and the president of WBF Turkey, arranged a special dedicated room for testees. We’re always thankful for the help. :)

A lot of players participated although it decreased a little compared with last year.
Thank you everyone for everything.

The overall score was much higher than last year.
As a result of summing up, David Presser (Israel) got the highest score, followed by Jalil Khalili (Iran). Atilla Malçok and Berkant Bilgi got the top score among the Turks.

I gave trophies as a presenter to the top two at the awards ceremony.

The whole result of this round is as follows:

Rank Total score Total errors Name
1 34 1427 David Presser Israel
2 31 2051 Jalil Khalili Iran
3 29 2071 Atilla Malçok Turkey
3 29 2169 Berkant Bilgi Turkey
5 26 2172 Bülent Bahar Turkey
5 26 2220 Dinçer Güneş Turkey
5 26 2299 Abdullah Sorgüven Turkey
8 25 2207 Mehmet Ali Akpolat Turkey
8 25 2427 Göksel Kılınç Turkey
10 24 2244 Martin Barkwill UK
11 22 2622 Jeremy Sherr Israel
12 19 3097 Tim Line UK
13 18 2989 Igor Romashov Russia
14 17 3362 Hakan Aksu Turkey
14 17 3474 Atilla Kılınç Turkey
14 17 3694 (Anonymous) Turkey
Total 16 Ave. 24.1 Ave. 2533

As with last year, Arda and Cüneyt Argun Genç gave us a lot of help.
I cannot thank them enough.

We’ll see each other again next year :)


You can see the whole result of the 6th test at this page, as of today.

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